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Reusable Organic Wool Dryer Balls



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Smart Sheep wool drying ball shortens the drying time, makes the fabric soft and fluffy, and reduces static electricity;
They help keep the bed sheets unblocked during the drying process and keep pet hair away from clothes;
They will not disintegrate and will last for several years;
The use of wool dryer balls can protect the dryer from the residues left by liquid fabric softener and drying paper;
It can bear the load of more than a thousand times, replace the dry clothes piece and liquid fabric softener, save money. (Plastic dryer steamer balls are healthy, no petroleum substitutes).

product information:
Material: wool
White color
Diameter: about 7cm (2.76″)
Quantity: 6pcs/set

1. Try to smell the dried balls by putting a few drops of essential oil (lavender, lemon, etc.) on each ball. This will make your clothes emit a faint fragrance!
2. Make safe and high-quality picking toys! As an alternative use, they are very suitable for indoor and outdoor games.
3. Ensure that the clothes are not over-dried to further reduce static electricity. Try to remove clothes earlier than usual.

Package Included:
6 x Wool drying ball



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